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of homes don’t finish on schedule. Let’s change that.

Confidence comes from knowing you’re being served by the best construction trade partners. Getting all the different professions to work together, however, can be complicated. Synergos simplifies the process.

We are a company of trade leaders who build efficiency into every project. Our family of proven innovators like Erickson, Brewer, DSI, Austin and Focus understand the challenges holistically for the industry – and how to create a win-win for everyone. As a fully-integrated part of your construction project, we’ll help you save on overhead and improve scheduling predictability, so you can truly reduce cycle time.

Get to know our one-stop solution and how we can bring a competitive advantage to your construction company.

Reduce Cycle TimeSave on OverheadSchedule Predictably

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Residential Construction Solutions

Get serious about cycle time.

Imagine shaving days off of every home build without ever compromising quality. Synergos’ fully integrated approach removes individual agendas and aligns construction trades. It’s simply more efficient – and it helps home builders deliver on-time, on-budget and with the highest quality.

One team. Infinite advantages.

We believe that making next-generation choices is key to staying competitive in our construction industry. Synergos works smarter to help builders remove the bottlenecks and waste we all see. Within Synergos, construction leaders like Erickson, Brewer, DSI, Austin, and Focus share visibility in scheduling and improve costs on design. The end result: greater efficiency on your project.

We set construction managers up to win.

One stop. One contact. Synergos simplifies the residential building process for construction managers. The days of managing trades individually are over. Synergos is one team aligned to save you time and unbind your ROI.


Every extra day of construction delays is costly to Home Builders

But the real cost is to your reputation.

Construction Workers
Trade Partners
Integrated Teams

Are Your Secret Weapon

Extra margins hide in every build. Synergos is an innovative business model focused on making construction projects a truly integrated process. Every trade works in lockstep to squeeze out inefficiencies and reduce waste, so you can capitalize on your investment.

Dickson Companies

Erickson Companies

In their early days, Erickson helped pioneer the concept of complete framing systems. Recognizing an opportunity to increase efficiency and quality during the ‘90s, the company transitioned from stick-framing to panelized framing. For their customers, this method dramatically reduced construction time, material waste, labor inputs and carrying costs, while improving quality.

Fast forward to today, and Erickson saw an even greater opportunity to innovate with Synergos.

Erickson brings complete framing solutions for residential and multi-family home builders. Through panelized framing construction services and truss designers, multiple solutions are available for builders like you, your trade partners and your home buyers. Through our computer-assisted approach the process begins with our in-house design and engineering teams.

Custom Millwork
Project Management
Precision Flooring & Carpentry
Labor Management
In-House Design
Warranty Services
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Austin Companies

In 1997, Toby Thomas saw there was a need in the residential electrical market for a company that could provide a great service at a fair price. Toby grew his business to be Arizona’s #1 residential electrical contractor by building strong relationships with his customers and surrounding himself with a support team of like-minded customer service-oriented professionals.

As Austin Companies grew to include Concrete and HVAC businesses, they continued providing the best customer service to customers no matter what. It doesn’t matter if they were hired to wire 1000 homes a year or 1, customers have always been treated like they are their only client. Austin Companies bring this same level of elite services at fair pricing to Synergos – and will always look out for the best interests of their customers.

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Door Sales & Installations

Door Sales & Installations (DSI), established in 1979, is the proven single solution for all your door and trim needs. Serving both Phoenix and Tucson in a new state-of-the-art facility, DSI covers estimation and sourcing to custom millwork, warehousing, project management, logistics, precision carpentry, labor management and warranty service.

Exterior Doors
Interior Doors
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Brewer Companies

The Brewer Companies are a group of businesses across three different domains in the plumbing industry. The first of the Brewer Companies, Brewer Enterprises Inc., was started by Mike Brewer in 1990. It’s the Residential New Construction (RNC) offering and, although it began as a two-man shop, has grown to be the largest plumbing contractor in Arizona, focused extensively on the single-family markets across the state. In 2007 Brewer Commercial was added to the mix, servicing the commercial market’s needs.

Brewer Enterprises, Inc.
Brewer Craftsman Academy
Brewer Commercial
Focus Companies

Focus Companies

Focus Companies is the leading provider of specialty contracting services in Las Vegas and Reno, offering a full spectrum of solutions to single-family residential builders, multifamily, and commercial end markets.  Focus Companies was founded by Steve Menzies in 2009 with Focus Plumbing, Focus Concrete, and Focus Electric.  To further expand its service offering, Focus Framing was established in 2011, followed by Focus Fire Protection in 2019.  Focus Companies is a one-stop source with the capabilities and resources to effectively execute projects of any size.

Fire Protection

Construction is chronically over deadline

Avg 40 days

From scattered partners

to a streamlined process

Our modern approach gives construction companies a one-stop solution and advantages that scale.

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Reduce Cycle Times

Synergos reduces residential construction cycle times by working directly with its family of trade partners. Together, we actively identify and eliminate recurring bottlenecks and redundancies in the building process. The key is owning the supervisory role on front end work, so we can synchronize efforts across the entire process and all teams. Having a singular, shared philosophy amongst the Synergos trade partners not only makes projects as efficient as possible–it improves the quality of the final product.

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Save on overhead

By focusing on reduction in cycle times, residential construction companies that work with Synergos save money on overhead through more efficient resource allocations and value engineering. Additionally, through tech-enabled manufacturing processes, Synergos customers gain more precision in the materials used, with the added benefit of increased worker safety because of fewer “manual workarounds.”

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Schedule Predictably

Since Synergos offers a single contact solution for the process, there is greater ease in managing and scheduling the construction trade partners. In addition, with more visibility into scheduling and efficiency in the entire process, there is greater assurance and predictability for what matters most to homebuilders: nailing delivery dates.


Let’s talk about your project.

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Our Competitive Advantage

“Many say our industry suffers from an inability to come together – that we are disorganized, suffer from miscommunication, and are unable to accurately coordinate schedules and material needs. Synergos was born out of a decision to do things differently.

Instead of working inside the box 'because that’s how we’ve always done it,' we plan to spearhead innovative change in the industry. In order to enact this change, we bring together like-minded companies that see a better path forward through purposeful collaboration and aligned agendas. We prioritize our internal resources to ensure that the projects we work on together have been vetted up-front, which guarantees seamless on-site delivery and timely installations. We take ownership and accountability for product quality, job-site safety and on-time delivery. Our family of trade companies and builder partners take enormous pride in what we do and who we are, and it is important to us to provide a system and timeline that we can control. We look forward to what the future holds and how we can contribute to industry growth and modernization.”

Rich Gallagher
Rich Gallagher
Chief Executive Officer
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